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Tobacco and Marijuana Exposure Among Youth with Asthma: Health Correlates and Intergenerational Pathways(PATHWAYS)


We are interested in learning more about how parent and child health-related behaviors can
impact the health of youth with asthma

Who can participate?

We are interested in including parents who either use tobacco, marijuana, or do not use any type of tobacco or marijuana. Youth with asthma and their caregivers would participate in this study

  • Children should be between 10 to 17 years of age and have a diagnosis of asthma

  • Caregivers should be the biological parent of the child


What is involved with this study?

Participants will be asked to complete two study visits (one initial visit; one-year follow-up visit).
These study visits will take place in the Pulmonology Clinic or Sooner Pediatrics Clinic.
Youth and their caregivers will be asked to:
complete online questionnaires; provide urine and saliva samples; complete lung
functioning tests

How to participate:

  • You can scan the following code using your phone to provide contact information or click the link below

  • A study team member will reach out regarding further participation









  • Parents and children with be offered compensation for their time



The University of Oklahoma is an Equal Opportunity Institution. IRB #9419

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